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Jan 1, 2001
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SBI has just released its analysis of the growing and dynamic $2 billion U.S. ceramic tile market. This valuable research document provides readers with insights into market size and growth, factors driving demand, consumer demographics, product distribution, the cost structure of U.S. plants, the competitive environment, and strategies of leading U.S.- and foreign-based suppliers. This in-depth investigation also provides information to combat increasing pricing pressures and sluggish profit margins. Margins are currently being adversely affecting by rising material, energy, and labor costs. In addition, the end-use market section points to growing sales opportunities in residential and nonresidential markets. This is imperative in the face of rising interest rates. Marketing programs can be designed to target the key demographic purchasing groups. Readers are urged to review the 19 global manufacturers profiled in this study. This valuable base of company intelligence is used to uncover major competitive growth strategies and calculate market shares for the top manufacturers and marketers. The leading companies reviewed include Dal-Tile, Florida Tile, Interceramic, and Laufen Ceramic Tile.

Additional Information

Scope And Methodology

The SBI Market Profile on Ceramic Tile is a guide to sales and profit-oriented opportunities in this growing sector of the U.S. floor coverings industry. This comprehensive database covers U.S. shipments, imports, factors affecting domestic demand, distribution and demographics, exports, the cost structure of U.S. plants, and the competitive environment. In addition, major U.S. manufacturers and marketers are profiled to review competitor strengths and strategies.

The U.S. market supply is calculated from U.S. Department of Commerce statistics by collecting data on domestic plant shipments and adding imports (Section 1). The market supply is provided in square feet and dollars and average prices are calculated as well. Data is provided on an annual and quarterly basis. SBI also conducted a comparative growth analysis with the key factors driving U.S. ceramic tile demand. In addition, the industry’s plant profit margins are compared to the U.S. manufacturing average. Section and report findings are provided in the Executive Summary in order to develop strategies to outperform the industry averages.

Sections 2 and 3 analyze the industry’s product mix. Data is provided for glazed and unglazed tile and mosaic and non-mosaic tile. U.S. shipments are compiled from Department of Commerce surveys. Shipments are for all domestic manufacturers, whether plants are owned by U.S.- or foreign-based companies, and whether or not plants specialize (50.0% or more of total facility revenues) in ceramic tile. U.S. import data is derived from U.S. Customs records.

SBI correlated these data trends with factors affecting domestic demand in order to estimate and forecast the data provided in the previous sections (Section 4). This section analyzes data on U.S. residential and nonresidential construction activity, residential remodeling markets, and other factors affecting U.S. demand. An analysis of U.S. ceramic tile purchases by end-use market and type of building is also included.

U.S. ceramic tile distribution patterns and consumer demographics are discussed in Section 5. Government data trends include retail sales of hard surface flooring by type of outlet and revenues of ceramic tile, mosaic, and terrazzo work contractors. Contractor revenues are provided by type of building, type of work, and by region and state. The average value per square foot of installed tile is calculated as well. A survey by the Simmons Market Research Bureau conducted in the spring of 2000 provides data on household ceramic tile purchases for home improvements. Spending is segmented by spending level, who does the installation, sex, age, and race of purchaser; and income, size, residence, and region of the purchasing household. These data give the reader the ability to target do-it-yourself and buy-it-yourself markets. A separate section provides data on U.S. exports and Canadian ceramic tile imports (Section 6).

SBI also supplies data on the cost structure and profitability of U.S. plants specializing in the manufacture and sale of ceramic tile (Section 7). U.S. Department of Commerce data covering these plants are supplemented with individual company sales data in order to calculate top company market shares. Company sales statistics are compiled as part of an exhaustive effort to provide competitor intelligence (Section 8). Annual reports, databases, and trade journals were searched for growth- and profit-oriented strategies.

Action-oriented executives are urged to use this comprehensive statistical database and competitor information to uncover growing product lines, end-use markets, distribution channels, and profitable operating strategies. Executives are urged to compute their own company’s market share and compare their company’s operating ratios to the industry averages as part of this process.

Categories Covered:
U.S. Ceramic Tile Shipments

  • Growth Analysis
  • U.S. Product Mix and Pricing
  • New Products
  • Outlook

U.S. Ceramic Tile Imports

  • Share of U.S. Market
  • Pricing Trends
  • Insurance, Freight, Traffic Charges

Major Producing Country Markets

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

End-Use Markets

  • Positive Economic Environment
  • Non-Residential
  • New Housing
  • Residential Remodeling

Distribution and Demographics

  • Retail Distribution Channels
  • Dal-Tile International Model
  • Installation Contractors
  • Do-It-Yourself Purchaser

Exports and Canadian Imports

  • Export Trends & Pricing
  • Key Foreign Markets
  • Canadian Imports

Plant Cost Structure and Environments

  • Competitive Environment
  • Profit Margins
  • Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

Companies Discussed:

  • American Florim
  • American Marazzi Tile
  • Ceramica Carabobo
  • Ceramica Portobello
  • Crossville Ceramics
  • Dal-Tile International
  • Ege Seramik America
  • Florida Tile Industries
  • GranitiFiandre
  • Groupo Lamosa
  • Grupo Industrial Saltillo
  • Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti
  • Imagine Tile
  • Internacional de Ceramica
  • KPT
  • Laufen Ceramic Tile
  • PGM Products
  • Porcelanite
  • Shaw Industries

Issues Addressed:

  • Current and Projected market Growth
  • Factors Driving Demand
  • Factors Influencing Sales
  • Competitive Environment Analysis
  • Product Shipment Analysis
  • Contractor Purchases
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Major Importer Analysis
  • Plant Cost Structure & Operating Ratios

Tables and Graphs: U.S. Ceramic Floor/Wall Tile Supply

  • U.S. Export, Import, Sales
  • Floor/Wall U.S. Share
  • Growth Analysis of Floor/Wall
  • Producer Price Trends by Product
  • Value of U.S. Factory Shipments
  • Ceramic Floor/Wall Tile Imports and Exports

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