Ceramic Tile

Jan 1, 2001
197 Pages - Pub ID: SB369
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SBI has just released its analysis of the growing and dynamic $2 billion U.S. ceramic tile market. This valuable research document provides readers with insights into market size and growth, factors driving demand, consumer demographics, product distribution, the cost structure of U.S. plants, the competitive environment, and strategies of leading U.S.- and foreign-based suppliers. This in-depth investigation also provides information to combat increasing pricing pressures and sluggish profit margins. Margins are currently being adversely affecting by rising material, energy, and labor costs. In addition, the end-use market section points to growing sales opportunities in residential and nonresidential markets. This is imperative in the face of rising interest rates. Marketing programs can be designed to target the key demographic purchasing groups. Readers are urged to review the 19 global manufacturers profiled in this study. This valuable base of company intelligence is used to uncover major competitive growth strategies and calculate market shares for the top manufacturers and marketers. The leading companies reviewed include Dal-Tile, Florida Tile, Interceramic, and Laufen Ceramic Tile.

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