Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Manufacturing

Jan 1, 2010
131 Pages - Pub ID: SB2441322
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The global electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure manufacturing industry is associated with a highly complex and interconnected transportation economy that supports the use of plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles for personal and industrial use. The infrastructure required for a sustainable EV transportation requires various EV components, such as electric vehicle drive trains and rechargeable electric batteries. The infrastructure also includes the access to electricity required to fuel the EVs via an interconnected electric smart grid, centrally located and shared charging stations, personal charge points, centrally located electric battery swapping stations. Finally, the EV infrastructure is made of the tools, technology, and skilled personnel needed to maintain the vehicles, monitor smart grid electricity demand, and construct the necessary EV infrastructure components. This report examines the global activities and market value of the EV infrastructure manufacturing industry - an industry at a crossroads in its nascent life. Vehicle companies spent much of 2009 avidly promoting their pure plug-in EVs and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) products at trade shows. But the growth potential of EV adoption is stagnated by the lack of an underlying transportation support system of EV charging stations, switching stations for rechargeable batteries, and an advanced electricity smart grid to monitor the ebb and flow of power for vehicle consumption. Although the global economic situation appears to be rebounding, manufacturers have indicated that EV infrastructure production will begin in earnest in 2010. Fueling that growth will be government grants created to stimulate economic recovery, particularly in the U.S. SBI Energy expects EV infrastructure production efforts to accelerate by mid-2010, particularly around the manufacturing of the rechargeable batteries, drive trains, and charging stations required to operate the vehicles. Growth also depends heavily on the investment interests of the private sector and the adoption of PHEVs and EVs by consumers.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction and Overview
a. Key topics covered in the report and experts interviewed
b. Definitions of terminology used in the report

3. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Activities
a. Consumption of alternative vehicle fuels by type
b. Development of electric vehicle infrastructure (i.e., manufacturing facilities, fueling stations)
c. Adoption rates of electric vehicles affecting the infrastructure
d. Electric vehicle manufacturing activities
e. Battery production activities

4. Global Trends in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturing
a. Market value electric vehicle infrastructure manufacturing by nation
b. Import and export value of electric vehicle infrastructure manufacturing
c. Projected market value of EV infrastructure manufacturing by nation through 2014

5. Profiles of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturers
a. Johnson Controls, Exide, Coulomb, Ecotality, Better Place

6. Innovations and Public Policies Affecting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturing

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