The U.S. Market for Foodservice Equipment

Mar 1, 2005
164 Pages - Pub ID: SB1037788
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This Specialists in Business Information (SBI) Market Profile on Foodservice Equipment is an updated analysis of the $7.07 billion U.S. foodservice equipment industry. The foodservice industry has faced some challenges in the past few years as equipment becomes more of a commodity product. It has been an upward battle for increased sales with too many competing mid-tier firms in a marginal market growth since 9/11 and sales threatened by the less-expensive, foreign-made equipment. Foodservice equipment dealers have also struggled as new and different distribution venues multiply, altering the old school dealer-client relationship.

This report investigates the market for various products designed specifically for use in eating and drinking places, and reviews manufacturer and marketer strategies that maximize growth and profitability. This comprehensive database covers U.S. shipments, price gains, profitability, the competitive environment, and foreign market trends for each industry equipment sector. Report sections also investigate foodservice industry trends, eating and drinking place capital expenditures, and competitor intelligence.

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