HVAC, 3rd Edition

Nov 30, 2012
146 Pages - Pub ID: SB4917404
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The U.S. market for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturing is recovering from a period of economic setback that started with the great U.S. recession of 2008. The economic downturn brought with it a stalled housing market, a stoppage of new home and commercial construction initiatives, and massive layoffs at factories that manufacture HVAC equipment.

The year 2012 represents a pivotal point for HVAC companies that are seeking to capitalize on market opportunities domestic and abroad, as well as secure long-term contracts and borrow cash at low interest rates to fund capital investments as the U.S. government continues to ignite the economic recovery by funding projects that invest in rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure.

Still, many HVAC manufacturers are greeting the end of 2012 with cautious optimism as they await the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election. SBI Energy, in its new report, HVAC 3rd Edition, finds that through 2015, HVAC manufacturing growth will remain relative flat across all categories until the next administration solidifies its economic recovery plans and begins to assertively back additional initiatives that require the latest energy-saving HVAC equipment.

This report examines the competitive and economic challenges facing U.S. manufacturers and consumers of HVAC equipment. The chapters discuss the key constituents affected by the downturn in HVAC manufacturing and profiles the leading manufacturers. We size the market based on historical data between 2002 to 2011 and forecast growth through 2022. Market sizing focuses on the various segments of U.S. HVAC manufacturing, including:
  • Heat transfer equipment (excluding room and unitary air-conditioners)
  • Room air-conditioners and dehumidifiers (excluding portable humidifiers)
  • Warm air furnaces, including duct furnaces and humidifiers, and electric comfort heating
  • Unitary air-conditioners, excluding air source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps, excluding room air-conditioners
  • Ground and ground water source heat pumps (single and split systems)

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