The U.S. Solar Energy Market in a World Perspective

Mar 1, 2008
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The U. S. solar energy market has been soaring for the past three years, as production, shipments, installations, and sales have skyrocketed between 2005 and 2007. With many factors aligned in its favorever-higher nonrenewable energy prices, ever-lower solar prices, climate change, energy security, a solidifying market structure, solar stocks on fire, and the federal government finally beginning to get behind solarthe upward trajectory appears set to continue. Yet looking to 2008 and beyond, obstacles and challenges remain to be addressed and overcome before the solar power market begins to reach a true take-off stage into the mainstream.

This SBI study examines the dynamics both pushing solar forward and holding it back. Comprehensive data on shipments, along with sales estimates and five-year projections, are offered for all three major solar categories: solar electric (PV), solar thermal, and concentrating solar power (CSP). Companies competing in the multitude of solar segments and niche areas are listed and discussed, with five major competitors profiled.

Key trendsincluding technological, investment, financing, and government involvementare analyzed, and the developing solar distribution structure is explained. The overall picture that emerges is of a market set to create conditions for a new industrial boom cycle.

Research Methodology:
This study is based on a wide variety of sources, both primary and secondary. Primary data sources include the Department of Energys Energy Information Administration (EIA) and PV Energy Systems (Prometheus Institute). Information and analysis is based on numerous secondary sources. These include Renewable Energy Access, Clean Edge, Greentech Media, Green Wombat, C-Net, Grist, and many other web-based research and journalistic Internet sites. Other information was gleaned from proprietary information searches and popular journals. On-site inspections of solar distributors and dealer/installers also added depth to our analysis.

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