SBI Bulletin: Algae Biofuels Technologies – Global Market and Product Trends 2010-2015

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Published Jun 28, 2012 | Pub ID: SB3944598

SBI Bulletin: Algae Biofuels Technologies – Global Market and Product Trends 2010-2015 provides an overview of the immediate future market for algae biofuels production technologies and presents relevant industry, financing and investment trends in the algae biofuel industry.

The primary factors for algae biofuels technology market growth include trends in the prices and commodity markets for fossil fuels, regulatory support and incentives available to the algae biofuels industry for industry growth, growing investment in the algae biofuels industry, and contemporary industry activity focused around reducing the operational and capital costs associated with algae biofuels production. The potential of algae biofuels technology markets is greatly determined by ongoing trends in technology pricing and industry trends. These include algae biofuels industry development, trends in investment into the algae biofuels industry, technology research and development, project financing trends, biofuels production facility construction rates, biofuels crop demand, and petroleum demand.

Algae biofuels companies must gauge the prospects of their technology under development or value of their algae biofuels projects through market and product trends. This SBI Bulletin outlines pertinent trends affecting the real and prospective value of algae biofuels (along with the associated technologies) compared to alternative biofuels and petroleum.

The primary factors that affect the size and growth of algae biofuels technology markets can be categorized as industry factors relating to investment, technological advancement and business development or market factors that spur demand for algae biofuels. These have been buoyed by various factors including public and private R&D, industry investment from the public sector and other industries, fossil fuel prices, and general regulatory support for biofuels. These factors combine to indicate a total global market for algae biofuels technologies with double-digit growth potential over the short term future for a projected annual average growth of 43.1% that will lead the market volume from $271 million in 2010 to $1,627 million ($1.6 billion) in 2015.

Algae Biofuels Technologies – Global Market and Product Trends 2010-2015
Introduction and Scope
Figure 1-1 Estimated Global Algae Biofuels Market (2010-2015) (in million $)
Product Trends and Pricing
Systems and Components
Open Pond Cultivation Systems
Photobioreactor Cultivation Systems
Flocculation, Screening and Air Flotation Systems
Centrifugation Systems and Components
Mechanical Oil Pressing Systems and Components
Ultrasound Systems and Components
Electromechanical Oil Extraction Systems and Components
Biodiesel Refineries
Fermentation Systems
Hydrotreating Facilities
Anaerobic Digesters
Gasification Systems
Industry Trends
Industry Participation
Figure 1-2 Number of Algae Biofuels Companies, Global (by year; 1997-2009)
Table 1-1 External Industries and Participants in the Algae Biofuels Industry
Investment Trends
Table 1-2 Near Term Sources of Algae Biofuels Funding
Table 1-3 Algae Biofuels Projects Funded Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (2009)
Figure 1-3 Venture Capital Raised by Algae Biofuels Companies (1st Quarter 2005 – 2nd Quarter 2010) (in million $)
Industry Research and Development
Figure 1-4 Published Patents and Patent Applications for Algae Photobioreactors (U.S. Patent Office, European Patent Office, World Intellectual Property Organization)
Supplier and Manufacturer Market Activity
Trends and Developments in Other Algae Industries
Financing Trends for Algae Biofuels Industry Projects
Availability of Financing for Facility Construction
Costs and Risks Comparison between Algae Biofuels Projects and other Alternative Biofuels Projects
Biofuels Production and Capacity Rates and Trends
Figure 1-5 U.S. Biodiesel Production and Installed Capacity (2005-2010)
Figure 1-6 European Union (EU) Biodiesel Production and Installed Capacity (2005-2010)
Renewable Diesel
Ethanol Fuel
Figure 1-7 U.S. Ethanol Production and Installed Capacity (2005-2010)
Figure 1-8 Ethanol Production in Brazil, European Union, and China (2005-2010)
Aviation Biofuel
Agricultural Biofuels Crop Prices and Demand
Interdependence with Fossil Fuels and Petroleum
Figure 1-9 Global Average Spot Crude Oil Prices (2001-2010)

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