Beauty Salons

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Published Apr 1, 1997 | 62 Pages | Pub ID: SB314

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This report analyzes revenues of the $21 billion U.S. beauty and barber shop market to reveal strategies being implemented to boost growth and maximize profit margins in this dynamic industry. Data trends are provided for beauty and barber equipment and supplies wholesalers, professional haircare product shipments, and sales of other beauty and barber shop furniture, equipment, and supplies. Sales and profit trends of major professional beauty care product suppliers are also included. Individual sections can be purchased for $250 each.

Section 1: U.S. Beauty Salon Service and Product Trends

  • Executive Summary
    • Personal Care Service Spending Analysis
    • Demographics Effect on Demand
    • Regional Factors
    • Cost Structure and for Competitive Environment
    • Professional Product Sales
    • Industry Consolidation
    • Future Growth
    • Scope and Methodology

    Section 2: U.S. Consumer Personal Care Spending Patterns, by Demographic Characteristic

  • Summary of Major Findings
    • Female Spending Patterns
    • Male Spending Patterns
    • Income Group
    • Age of Household Head
    • Size of Households
    • Regional Spending

    Section 3: U.S. Beauty Salon and Barber Shop Revenues and Geographic Analysis

  • Summary of Major Findings
    • Beauty Salon and Barber Shop Revenues
    • Source of Salon Revenues
    • Regional and State Revenues
    • Metropolitan Area Revenues

    Section 4: Beauty Salon Cost Structure and for Competitive Environment

  • Summary of Major Findings
    • Competitive Environment
    • Cost Structure
    • Number of Shops and Average Revenues by Geographic Area
    • Company Financial Trends
  • Profiles and Recent Developments for Major Beauty Salons and Barbershop Companies
    • Barbers Hairstyling for Men and Women, Inc.
    • Cosmetics Plus Group, Ltd.
    • Cutco Industries, Inc.
    • Regis Corp.
    • Supercuts, Inc.

    Section 5: Professional Beauty Care Product Sales

  • Summary of Major Findings
    • Beauty and Barber Equipment and Supplies Wholesalers
    • Professional Haircare Product Shipments
    • Shipments of Beauty and Barber Shop Equipment
  • Profiles and Recent Developments for Major Professional Beauty Care Product Manufacturers and Suppliers
    • Alberto-Culver Co.
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
    • Helen of Troy Ltd.
    • Helene Curtis Industries, Inc.
    • L'orĂ©al S.A.
    • Revlon, Inc.
    • Shiseido Co. Ltd.
    • The Stephan Co.
    • Wella Ag
    • Windmere Corp.
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