MarketTrends: Garage and Shed Storage Market and Trends

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Published Apr 1, 2005 | 138 Pages | Pub ID: SB1088871

The home storage industry has been hot for several years, especially as the housing and home improvement markets boomed. Consumers have beautified and organized nearly every aspect of their homes, from the walk-in closet to kitchen cabinet, making the most of usable space, leaving the last frontier: the garage. The garage and shed storage market is in a nascent stage of evolution, with retailers taking the initiative and developing the category into a wide range of products and pushing for more innovations from the manufacturers.

Market Trends: Garage and Storage Sheds Markets and Trends by Specialists in Business Information (SBI) analyzes products and trends, along with the manufacturer and retailer strategies that are being used to maximize growth and profitability. This report gives a description of the stages of evolution in the home organization phenomenon and the importance garage and shed storage has achieved.

Trends covered in the report include consumer usage, retailing, and interest in innovative and convenience products. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the garage and shed storage products that are currently marketed and those that are likely to enter the market in future. The study focuses on the direction the market has taken and the factors that will fuel future growth. The report also explores the industry’s relationship with various traditional retail channels and provides the profiles of key players operating in the market.

Scope and Methodology Our report methodology includes a combination of primary and secondary research. The market figures for the garage and shed storage market were collected through secondary research data from government data, trade association, business journals, and Internet resources for available information on the topic. The study involved comprehensive research of secondary sources like company literature, databases, investment reports and reports in business journals.

Simmons Market Research Bureau provided the consumer behavior data. Forecast data for the period 2004 to 2009 has been provided in the report.

What You’ll Get in this Report
Market Trends: Garage and Storage Sheds Markets and Trends makes predictions and recommendations regarding the future of this market, and pinpoints ways current and prospective marketers can capitalize on current trends and spearhead new ones. No other market research report provides both the comprehensive analysis and extensive data that Market Trends: Garage and Storage Sheds Markets and Trends offers. The report addresses the following segments:

  • The Market
  • The Marketers
  • Competitive Profiles
  • The Consumer
  • The Products
  • Trends and Opportunities

Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

How You Will Benefit from this Report If your company is already competing in the home storage market, or is considering making the leap, you will find this report invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive package of information and insight not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of the current market, as well as projected sales and trends through 2009.

This report will help:

  • Marketing Managers identify market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans for home and garage storage products
  • Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and explore demand for home and garage storage products.
  • Advertising agencies working with clients in the industry understand the product buyer to develop messages and images that compel consumers to purchase these products.
  • Business development executives understand the dynamics of the market and identify possible partnerships.
  • Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and product managers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Chapter 1 The Market
  • Scope
  • Methodology
    • A Word on Quantifying Retail Sales

  • Product Definitions
    • Types of Garage Storage
      • Cabinets
      • Shelves
      • Containers
      • Brackets/Hangers/Hooks
      • Storage Carts
      • Flexible Storage

    • Types of Shed Storage

  • Market Overview
    • Trends Influencing the Market
    • The U.S. Housewares Industry
      • Table 1-1 U.S. Houseware Expenditures, 2001- 2003 (in billion $)
      • Table 1-2 U.S. Housewares Expenditures, by Category, 2003
      • Figure 1-1 Housewares Categories Share Estimates

    • The Home Storage Market
    • The Garage and Shed Storage Market
        Figure 1-2 Estimated U.S. Sheds and Garages Market Composition, 2004

    • Market Size: Garage Storage
      • Shelves and Cabinets
        • Table 1-3 Shipment of Non-Wood Shelves, 1997-2009 (In Million $)
        • Table 1-4 Shipment of Wood Shelves, 1997-2009 (In Million $)
        • Table 1-5 Shipment of Wood Storage Containers, 1997-2009 (In Million $) Brackets, Hooks and Hangers
        • Table 1-6 Shipment of Brackets, Hooks and Hangers, 1997-2009 (In Million $)

      • Market Size: Sheds Table 1-7 Shipment of Prefabricated and Portable Small Metal (Steel and Aluminum) Utility Buildings, 1997-2009 (In Million $) Table 1-8 Consumer Spending on Sheds Plastic & Wire Storage Materials
      • Making the Most of Storage Space

    • Trends and Factors to Future Growth
      • Cocooning
      • Super-Consumerism
      • The Shrinking Hall Closet
      • The Housing Boom
        • Table 1-9 Top 25 Fastest Growing States, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003
        • Geographic area
        • Table 1-10 Top 25 Fastest Growing Counties: (% Change), April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003

      • Demographic Shifts Effect Need for Storage
      • Growth in Houses with Garages
        • Table 1-11 Percentage of New Homes with/without Garages, 1950 - 2003
        • Table 1-12 Households with Garages (in 000¡¯s), 2003
        • Table 1-13 Occupied Housing Units with Garages ¡ª African Americans and Hispanics, 2003

      • Baby Boomers and the Housing Market
        • Table 1-14 Percent of Home Ownership by Age

      • Do-It-Herself
        • Table 1-15 Attitudes of Men and Women Regarding Garage Cleanliness

      • Women and Their Homes
      • Increase in Home Offices
      • Marketer and Retailer Interest
      • Plastic and Wire Storages to Propel Growth
        • Figure 1-3 Performances of Wire and Plastic Storage, 2001-2003

      • Rising Resin & Steel Prices
      • Growth of New Careers and Industries

    • Projected Market Growth
      • Overall Market to Reach $1.59 Billion by 2009 Figure 1--4 Projected Market for U.S. Sheds and Garage Storage, 2005-2009

Chapter 2 The Marketers

  • Smaller Niche Marketers Lead Innovation
    • ClosetMaid Corporation
      • Product Line
      • Table 2-1 ClosetMaid¡¯s garage storage products
      • GarageTek Inc.
        • Overview
        • Products & Services
        • New Product Introductions
        • Selected Financial Data
        • Table 2-2 GarageTek Sales, 2001-2003

      • Elfa International AB
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • ONRAX
        • Overview
        • Products

      • SLIDE-LOK Garage & Storage Cabinets
        • Overview
        • Products
        • Table 2-3 SLIDE-LOK¡¯s Customizable System Pieces

      • Whirlpool Gladiator GarageWorks
        • Overview
        • Products
        • New Product Introductions
        • Innovative Garage Appliances

      • Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
        • Overview
        • Table 2-4 Newell Rubbermaid Sales, 2001-2004
        • Table 2- 5 Newell Rubbermaid Sales Composition, 2004
        • Divisions
        • Product line
        • Acquisitions and Divestures
        • Core Business Strategy
        • Future Outlook

      • Black and Decker
        • Overview
        • Storage Product Line

      • Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.
        • Overview
        • Product Line
        • Growth Through Acquisitions
        • Rationalization
        • Table 2-6 Knape & Vogt Sales, 2001-2004
        • Table 2-7 Knape & Vogt Sales Composition, 2004

      • Myers Industries, Inc.
        • Overview
        • Storage Products
        • Table 2-8 Myers Industries Sales, 2001-2004
        • Table 2-10 Myers Industries Sales Composition, 2003

      • Home Products International, Inc.
        • Table 2-11 HPI Sales, 2000-2003
        • Table 2-12 HPI Sales Composition, 2003

      • Sterilite Corporation
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • Arrow Group Industries
        • Overview

      • ZAG Industries Ltd.
        • Table 2-13 ZAG Industries Product Line

    • Smaller Manufacturers and Brands
      • O'Sullivan Industries, Inc.
        • Table 3- 14 O¡¯Sullivan Industries Sales, 2001-2004

      • Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.
        • Table 3-15 Stanley Furniture Company Sales, 2001-2004

      • Tuff Sheds
        • Overview
        • Acquisition and Expansion
        • Product Line
        • Promising Sales Growth
        • Distribution
        • Advertising Initiatives

      • Suncast Corporation
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • US Polymers Inc
        • Product Line

      • Handy Home Products
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • Step 2 Co.
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • Racor
        • Overview
        • Product Line

      • HyLoft Inc
        • Product Line
        • Other Major Garage Storage Products

Chapter 3 Marketing Dynamics

  • New Product Trends
  • Variety in Product Offerings Holds the Key
  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Products for Specific Needs
  • Sports Equipment Storage
  • Innovative Plastic and Wire Storage Offerings
  • Key Product Introduction Briefs
    • Modular Storages
    • Vertical Storages
    • Cabinets/Workbenches
    • Sports Equipment Storage
    • Products for DIYs
    • Plastic Storage
    • Flexible Storage
    • Other Specialty items

  • Retail Dynamics
    • Garage Storage is a Lucrative Segment
    • Wire Storages Thrive in Home Improvement Stores
      • Table 3-1 Performance of Wire Storage by Channels of Distribution, 2002-2003

    • Plastic Storage Sales
      • Table 3-2 Performance of Plastic Storage by Channels of Distribution, 2002-2003

    • Post-Holiday Season Fuels Garage Storage Sales
    • E-retailing ¡ª Garage & Shed Storage
    • Discounters Go Online
    • Catalogs Get in the Act with High-End Offerings
    • Retailers Carve a Niche
    • Consumer Learning Curve

  • Retail Strategies
    • Targeting Women
    • Cross-Branding and Product Placement Opportunities
    • Storage Open to All Contenders
    • Voids Quickly Filled
    • Innovative Ways to Grab Sales
    • Taking the Confusion Out of Storage
    • Community Initiatives
    • Tie-ups with NASCAR for Promotion

Chapter 4 The Consumer

  • Consumers Resolve to Organize
  • The Simmons Survey
  • Home Improvements: 46 Million+ Adults Spend $1,000+ Annually
    • Figure 4-1 Pattern of Total Home Improvement Spend (% of people)
    • Table 4-1 Home Improvements: Total Expenditures
    • Table 4-2 Demographic Profiles by Home Improvement Spends ¨D
    • Total Expenditures

  • Home Improvement Spend: Preferences as per Demographics
    • Age Groups
    • Race/ethnicity
    • Region
    • Education Status
    • Employment Status
    • Household Income
    • Marital Status
    • Household Size
    • Type of Residence

  • Storage Sheds: More than Three Million Adults Spend $500+
    • Figure 4-2 Population by Storage Shed Spend (in millions of adults)

  • Who Bought Sheds in the Past Year
    • Table 4-3 Demographic Profile of People Buying Storage Sheds

  • Middle Income Groups Spend $1,000 or More
    • Table 4-4 Demographic Profile of People with Storage Shed Spend ¡ª$1,000 or more

  • Homemakers Top the $500 to $999 Spend on Sheds
    • Table 4-5 Demographic Profile of People with Storage Shed Spend: $500-$999

  • Mobile Home Dwellers Top The $100 to $499 Spend on Sheds
    • Table 4-6 Demographic Profile of People with Storage Shed Spend: $100-$499

  • African Americans, Widows & ¡Ü $10,000 Income Prefer Sheds Under $100
    • Table 4-7 Demographic Profile of People with Storage shed spend - Under $100

  • Mobile Home Owners and Westerners Prefer Working On Sheds Themselves
    • Table 4-8 Demographic Profile of People Erecting Sheds by Self/Other Household Members

  • Home Owners and Homemakers Likely to Hire Outside Help
    • Table 4-9 Demographic Profile of People using Outside Service for Storage Sheds

  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Garages
    • Higher Income Groups Prefer Remodeling Their Garages, Basements and Attics
      • Table 4-10 Demographic Profile of People Remodeling Basement/Attic/Garage

    • African Americans & Mobile Home Owners More Likely to Add Garage
      • Table 4-11 Demographic Profile of Consumers Who Added A Garage

    • More Than 8 Million Plan to Remodel or Add Garage
      • Table 4-12 Consumer Plans to Add or Remodel Garage
      • Table 4-13 Demographic Profile of People who Plan to Remodel the Garage Next Year

    • Who Plans to Add a Garage in the Next Year? Table 4-14 Demographic Profile of Consumers Who Plan to Add a Garage Next Year

Appendix: Addresses of Selected Marketers

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