Plastic Laminated Countertops

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Published Jan 1, 1995 | 74 Pages | Pub ID: SB247

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This Specialists in Business Information market profile analyzes the market for plastic laminated countertops and other high-pressure decorative laminates. End-use markets for plastic laminated countertops were investigated by analyzing new residential construction, kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends, and purchases by nonresidential markets. In addition, plant spending on plastic laminated sheets by office and commercial furniture manufacturers and retail store display and fixture producers were studied to uncover OEM market potential for surface material suppliers. Sales trends, market share and company profiles are included.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Market Profile Highlights
  • Chapter 2: U.S. Plastics Laminated Countertop Shipments
  • Chapter 3: Laminated Plastics Material Situation
  • Chapter 4: End Use Market and Factors Affecting Demand
  • Chapter 5: Economic Structure of U.S. Plastics Laminated Countertop Plants