Plumbing Fixtures

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Published Jan 1, 1996 | 159 Pages | Pub ID: SB275

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This report evaluates the factors affecting plumbing fixture sales and the competitor strategies used to exploit residential, nonresidential, and international markets. Covers bathtubs, whirlpools and spas, lavatories, sinks, stall showers, and other plumbing fixtures. Evaluates the impact of housing demand, remodeling activity, number of new and remodeled bathrooms, nonresidential building construction, and economic and demographic patterns on domestic demand. Profiles recent developments for 17 worldwide plumbing fixture manufacturers and 7 major producers. Analyzes foreign market potential and import competition.
Introduction And Methodology
U.S. Plumbing Fixture Shipments
U.S. Plumbing Fixture Imports
End-Use Markets And Factors Affecting Demand
U.S. Plumbing Fixture Exports And Canadian And Mexican Market Trends
Economic Structure Of U.S. Plumbing Fixture Plants
Company Profiles And Recent Developments