Flavored Milk

Published: June 1, 1995 - 95 Pages

Table of Contents

  1. Market Profile Highlights
  2. U.S. Shipments Of Packaged Flavored Milk
  3. U.S. Flavored Milk And Drink Consumption
  4. Regional Packaged Flavored Milk Sales
  5. Factors Affecting Demand For Flavored Milk
  6. Economic Structure Of U.S. Flavored Milk Production
  7. Company Profiles And Recent Developments


Growth in the $600 million U.S. flavored milk market has accelerated due to new product introductions by major brand marketers and expanded promotional efforts. In this market profile, Specialists in Business Information analyzes U.S. shipments, domestic consumption, and price trends in order to determine the degree to which flavored milks can make inroads in the domestic beverage industry. SBI also investigates milk distribution channels and purchasing demographics, and regional flavored milk sales. The report provides a comparative analysis with other beverage and fluid milk products in order to assess sales and profit opportunities. The report profiles major players such as Borden, Hershey, and Nestl.

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