Laminate Flooring

Published: July 1, 1997 - 75 Pages

Table of Contents

Section 1 Executive Summary

  • Synopsis
  • Market Size and the Competitive Environment
  • Aggressive Marketing Programs to Stimulate Growth
  • Future Outlook
  • Scope and Methodology
  • Figure 1-1 U.S. Laminate Flooring Market Sales: 1995-2000
  • Figure 1-2 Laminate Flooring Share of Total U.S. Floor Coverings Market Sales: 1995-2000

Section 2 Product History, Construction, and Technologies

  • Product History
  • Product Construction
  • Manufacturers Upgrading Lines
  • New Industry Association

Section 3 U.S. Laminate Market Trends

  • U.S. Market Size and Growth
  • Share of the U.S. Floor Coverings Market
  • Pricing Situation
  • Retail Market and Installation Spending
  • Outlook
  • Table 3-1 U.S. Laminate Flooring Market: 1995-2000 (square feet and dollars)
  • Table 3-2 Floor Coverings Market Sales by Product Sector and Laminate's Position in the U.S. Floor Coverings Industry: 1995-2000 (Dollars and Square Feet): Carpet and Area Rugs, Hardwood Flooring, Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, Vinyl Sheet and Floor Tile, Rubber Floor Coverings, Laminate Flooring, and Total Floor Coverings
  • Table 3-3 Laminate Flooring's Position in the U.S. Hard Surface Floor Coverings Market: 1995-2000 (Dollars, Square Feet, and Percent)
  • Table 3-4 U.S. Average Value per Square Foot Supplied by Floor Coverings Product: 1995-2000 (dollars): Carpet and Area Rugs, Hardwood Flooring, Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, Vinyl Sheet and Floor Tile, Rubber Floor Coverings, Laminate Flooring, and Total Floor Coverings
  • Table 3-5 Retail Pricing and Market Size: 1997 (dollars): Laminate Flooring Price per Square Foot, Installation Costs per Square Foot, and Total Retail Market

Section 4 Source of Supply and the Competitive Environment

  • Early Marketers
  • Rising Competitive Pressures
  • Share of Market and Potential Industry Leaders
  • Table 4-1 Nineteen Major U.S. Laminate Flooring Marketers: 1994-1997 (number): Marketer, Main Brand, Year Entered U.S. Market, and Where Manufactured
  • Table 4-2 Share of U.S. Laminate Flooring Market by Company: 1996 (dollars and percent): Perstorp, Premark, and Others

Section 5 European Laminate Flooring Market

  • European Market Size and Growth
  • Competitive Situation
  • Perstorp's Results
  • Table 5-1 Western European Floor Coverings Market by Product Sector: 1992-2000 (square feet): Textile, Resilient, Ceramic, Hardwood/Parquet, Laminate, Cork, and Total Floor Coverings
  • Table 5-2 Perstorp Flooring's Sales and Profit Data: 1995 and 1996 (Dollars, Percent, and Number): Sales, Revenues Outside Sweden, Operating Income Percent Sales, Capital Expenditures, Employees, and Sales per Employee

Section 6 U.S. Laminate Flooring Marketing and Distribution

  • Floor Coverings Distribution Channels
  • Specialty Floor Coverings Retailers
  • Home Centers
  • National Distribution
  • Promotional Programs
  • Freestanding Display Units
  • Table 6-1 U.S. Retail Floor Coverings Sales and Number of Outlets by Type of Retailer: 1987-1996 (dollars and number): Total Retailers, Specialty Floor Coverings Stores, Building Materials Dealers/Home Centers, and Other Retailers

Section 7 Factors Affecting U.S. Laminate Flooring Demand

  • Laminate Flooring Utilization
  • Residential Hard Surface Flooring Target Markets
  • Do-It-Yourself Markets
  • Coordination and Customization
  • Commercial Market Potential
  • Installation and Training
  • Table 7-1 U.S. Household Spending on Hard Surface Flooring and Installation: 1985-1995 (dollars): Homeowners and Renters; Material and Installation and Material Only
  • Table 7-2 U.S. Household Spending on Hard Surface Flooring and Installation by Demographic Characteristic: 1985-1995 (dollars): Income, Age, Size of Household, and Region
  • Table 7-3 Real U.S. Spending on Construction Put in Place by Market and Building Type: 1993-1997 (dollars): Residential, Nonresidential, Public Buildings, Public Utilities, Public Facilities, and Total Construction
  • Table 7-4 Total U.S. Housing Demand by Sector and by Region: 1992-1997 (units): Existing Home Resales, New Housing Units Completed, and Mobile Home Placements
  • Table 7-5 U.S. Residential Property Owner Expenditures for Improvements, Additions, Alterations, and Repairs: 1972-1997 (dollars)
  • Table 7-6 U.S. Home Mortgage Interest Rates and Personal Income: 1980-1997 (percent and dollars): New Home Mortgage Interest Rates and Real Disposable Personal Income

Section 8 Competitive Intelligence: Company Profiles and Recent Developments

  • Sources, Methodologies, and Objectives
  • Abet
  • Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
  • Bhk of America
  • Columbia Forest Products, Inc.
  • Formica Corp.
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Ipocork, S.A.
  • K√§hrs International
  • Lamett Industries
  • Mannington Mills
  • Metroflor
  • Norske Skogindustrier AS
  • Ostermann & Scheiwe USA
  • Perstorp AB
  • Pickering Laminate Floors
  • Premark International
  • Tarkett AG
  • Triangle Pacific Corp.
  • Uniboard Canada
  • Witex USA


The Specialists in Business Information market profile on laminate flooring estimates the U.S. market on a dollar and square-foot basis, as well as laminates position within the U.S. floor coverings industry from 1995 to 2000. This market profile examines major suppliers and their strategies, and evaluates the development of a U.S. manufacturing base, pricing decisions, distribution, and advertising campaigns. Over 20 manufacturers and marketers are profiled.

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