Fence Products

Published: May 1, 1995 - 55 Pages

Table of Contents

  1. Market Profile Highlights
  2. U.S. Fence Product Shipments
  3. U.S. Fence Product Imports
  4. U.S. Fence Installation Spending
  5. Factors Affecting Fence Product Demand
  6. Economic Structure Of U.S. Wire Fencing Product Manufacturing


The U.S. market for installed fence products is expected to reach $1.2 billion during 1995. Specialists in Business Information has compiled, analyzed, and summarized fence product statistics and company information in order to uncover sales opportunities in this relatively strong, growing market. U.S. shipment data are broken down by material, and U.S. import trends are provided for wood and wire fencing products, especially from producers located in Canada, Mexico, China, and other Latin America and European countries. In addition, SBI has profiled product lines and recent developments for over 20 worldwide fence product manufacturers."

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