SBI Bulletin: Smart Grid Components Markets: 2011-2021

Published: August 27, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction and Scope
Smart Grid Market Components
Table 1-1 Smart Grid Components - Technologies
Table 1-2 Smart Grid Components - Products
Global Smart Grid Market
Smart Grid Market 2007-2010
Table 1-3 Smart Grid Market 2007-2010 ($ billions)
Smart Grid Market 2011-2021
Figure 1-1 Global Smart Grid Market 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Regional Smart Grid Markets
Figure 1-2 Smart Grid Market – Top Countries and the Rest of the World 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Figure 1-3 Smart Grid Market – Regions of the World 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Smart Grid Markets by Region
North America
Figure 1-4 Smart Grid Market – North America 2011-2021 ($ billions)
United States
Figure 1-5 Smart Grid Market – Europe 2011-2021 ($ billions)
United Kingdom
Figure 1-6 Smart Grid Market – Asia-Pacific 2011-2021 ($ billions)
South Korea
Central-South America
Figure 3-7 Smart Grid Market – Central-South America 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Middle East - Africa
Figure 1-8 Smart Grid Market – Middle East-Africa 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Smart Grid Component Market
Figure 1-9 Global Annual Smart Grid Investments by Transmission and Distribution Components 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Smart Meters
Figure 1-10 Cumulative Smart Meter Installations - Europe 2011-2021 (millions)
Figure 1-11 Cumulative Smart Meter Installations - Brazil 2011-2021 (millions)
Figure 1-12 Global Cumulative Smart Meter Installations 2011-2021 (millions)
Figure 1-13 Cumulative Smart Meter Market 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Distribution Automation
Figure 1-14 Distribution Automation and Substation Automation Market Size 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Transmission Systems and Substations
Figure 1-15 Communications Market Size 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Home Area Networks (HAN)
Information Technology
Figure 1-16 Information Technology Market Size 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Figure 1-17 Information Technology Market Size 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Consulting and Systems Integration
Smart Grid Component Market by Region
Table 1-4 Smart Grid Component Market by Region 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Table 1-5 Smart Grid Component Market by Country 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Microgrid Market
Figure 1-18 Microgrid Smart Component Market 2011-2021 ($ billions)
Market Growth Drivers and Inhibitors
Growth Drivers
Ageing Infrastructure
Modern Infrastructure
Policies and Regulations
Stimulus Funding
Common Standards
Service Life
Consumer Resistance
Rural Development


This SBI Bulletin presents a review and discussion of the current and projected size of the Smart Grid market worldwide. It reviews in detail the ten countries where over 80 percent of Smart Grid market activity is expected to occur. For the purposes of this Bulletin, the various components of the electric grid that are considered to be part of the Smart Grid market will be delineated and discussed, both in terms of what is taking place today and what is expected to take place in the next 10 to 20 years. Laws, regulations, technology, the environment, societal concerns, and other activities will also be explored to the extent that they enhance or encourage the development of the Smart Grid or act as an inhibitor of it. Market data is presented by global, regional, country, and component segments for the period 2011-2021. Component market breakout included smart meters, information technology, communications, transmission systems and substation and microgrids.

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