Water Treatment Markets See Growth in Less Developed Countries: SBI Bulletin

Press Release
Jun 27, 2012

New York, NY - June 27, 2012 -- Industrial and energy market research publisher SBI recently published market findings for the water treatment market. The report, Water Treatment Technologies and Products Markets, 2006-2015, reveals the market has experienced steady growth over the past decade due to increased product selection and availability, a growing population, increased pollution of the air and fresh water supplies and substantial new home and building construction.

"As such," states SBI Bulletin analyst Bernie Galing, author of the report, "the market for products that can make the water we drink safer continues to grow as well. While there are hundreds of different products, there are only a handful of water treatment technologies."

Demand for water treatment products is growing worldwide, but the greatest growth is forecasted in less developed countries, according to the report. Developed countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, are mature markets for water treatment products. However, the report finds there is still room for growth in these developed countries (only 6% of homes in the United States have a water softener or water conditioner).

Water Treatment Technologies and Products Markets, 2006-2015, a new SBI Bulletin, discusses the market for these technologies and their product applications in both residential and industrial settings, for the period of 2006 to 2015. It also presents water treatment market size and product markets on a global, regional and national scale. Five general categories define the water treatment market: water utilities, bottled water, irrigation equipment, industrial water and household water.

About SBI Bulletins

SBI Bulletins are a new product line from SBI. Launched to meet immediate market information needs at immediate decision making price points, SBI Bulletins offer market data and analysis targeted to specific research interests in heavy industry market verticals energy & resources, manufacturing & construction and materials & chemicals. To learn more, visit www.sbireports.com.

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