Curtains And Draperies

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Published Jan 1, 1996 | 96 Pages | Pub ID: SB277

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Specialists in Business Information has analyzed U.S. factory shipments, imports, consumer spending patterns, and foreign sales potential for curtains and draperies in order to uncover the factors responsible for the recovery in U.S. curtain and draperies shipments. The report also provides an in-depth analysis of distribution channels and contract market opportunities, plus reviews the strategies being implemented by the leading manufacturers and marketers. Company profiles and recent developments for 19 worldwide manufacturers are also included.
  • Introduction and Methodology
  • US Curtains and Draperies Shipments
  • US Curtains and Draperies Imports
  • End-Use Markets, Distribution, and Factors Affecting Demand
  • US Exports of Curtains and Draperies and World Markets
  • Economic Structure of US Curtain and Draperies Plants
  • Company Profiles and Recent Developments
  • Methodology, Sources and Objectives
  • Company Profiles