Furniture And Cabinet Hardware

Published: May 1, 1995 - 75 Pages

Table of Contents

  1. Market Profile
  2. U.S. Shipments Of Metal Furniture And Cabinet Hardware
  3. U.S. Imports Of Metal Furniture And Cabinet Hardware
  4. U.S. Plastics Hardware Situation
  5. End-Use Markets And Factors Affecting Demand
  6. Economic Structure Of U.S. Metal Furniture Hardware Plants


U.S. furniture and hardware sales benefited from rising housing demand and declinging interest rates between 1992 and 1994. Specialists in Business Information has tracked furniture plant output, consumer household furniture spending, housing sales, and interest rates in order to pinpoint the factors affecting current furniture and cabinet hardware market demand, and indicate the direction of future growth patterns. Each major product line in this $1.5 billion market has been analyzed, including furniture and drawer slides, furniture castors, floor protective devices, cabinet hinges, cabinet locks, cabinet knobs, pulls, and catches, and cabinet locks. Market shares are provided for the top U.S. companies. Foreign competition is also analyzed by product and by country of origin.

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